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What Is Google Display Network And How Does It Help With Re-marketing?

We all know of Google Adwords, but did you know that Google Adwords is split into two different sections? Most of us just assume that Google Adwords does what the Google Search Network does. That is to display text advertisements on the search engine results. But apart from that, Google Adwords also comprises of Google Display Network.

What is Google Display Network?

Do you notice banners aka. display ads on advertising-supported sites? On the Display Network, these display ads are placed on a huge network of sites that reaches most global internet users. Amazing isn’t it? When you’re scrolling on a blog post, do you notice a banner of something that looks pretty familiar to you? As though you’ve seen it before, which you most probably have because this is what we call re-marketing.

What is re-marketing?

Re-marketing simply shows your customers an advertisement on a product or service that they have looked at before. It works as a prompt or a reminder to your customers just to let them know that they were looking at this for quite some time but they have yet to purchase it, to re-market it to them and show them what’s relevant to them.
It works when you cookie your site visitors to follow them around in the form of ads no matter which site they are on. It is proven to work because people who have been on your site have already shown an interest in your product or service, hence, the conversion to leads through re-marketing efforts are more likely to happen.
With this, re-marketing can filter out ads that are not relevant and instead show relevant ads on what interests the customers most. It is shown that people prefer seeing something relevant to them and their needs rather than to see advertisements on products or services that have nothing to do with them at all.

How does Google Display Network help with re-marketing?

As before mentioned, seeing an advertisement with a product or service you have been looking at prompts the need to look at it again. Maybe initially, you were contemplating on getting it but you weren’t too sure about purchasing it yet. This ensures that your customers, or those who have been interested in what you have to offer but have not made the move to do it yet, will be reminded of it. 
Here at Chamrun Digital, we will assist you will all aspects of Google Adwords in both, Google Search Network and Google Display Network from scratch to most suit the needs of your business.

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