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Voice Search Marketing


If you’re an apple user then Siri would sound very familiar to you. If you’re an android user, then maybe Cortana, Alexa or even Echo. Voice search refers to your mobile or desktop personal assistant that is activated through speaking, voice.


Who uses voice search?

Technology has advanced so much within the past decade. Hence, we are now able to directly talk to our phones to get a directions on Google map, jot down a task to do later, call a friend and many more. Just by speaking. So who uses this function? A vast majority of teenagers to people in their early forties uses voice search in their daily activities.

How does voice search and SEO relate?

Digital marketing is all about generating leads and converting them to potential customers be it via voice search or a text based search. To grow from that, digital marketing must be optimised for the effect of voice search on SEO.
Let’s say you’d like to find out when Obama’s birthday is. High chances are that you’d type out ‘Obama birthday’ but when you were to use a voice search, it would sound something like this, ‘When is Obama’s birthday this year?’. See the difference? This is where changing the search query comes in. So instead of coming up with 1 to 2 keywords, test out adding longer, more voice-friendly keywords. Another thing to consider about is adding in question keyword phrases. 
Voice search marketing is something to really consider about as people nowadays tend to use their built in personal assistants. Check out Chamrun Digital today and we will assist you on the best marketing strategies to suit your market!

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