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Top 5 Video Marketing Tools


What's so great about video marketing? Video marketing is one of the most successful campaigns in promoting your brand online. Companies, mobile applications, and websites started using video marketing to grab the attention of customers and convey details of their products and services available. Nowadays, it is much easier to create a video because video marketing softwares whose sole aim is to make your task quick and easy at an affordable rate...


are accessible to us. Short videos have a greater response as customers tend to have a short attention span when scrolling online. Hence, the tricky part is to make your video campaign convey direct messages in a small amount of time. 

Here is a list of 5 video marketing tools.

1. nFusz

nFusz is a very impressive video marketing tool that starts at $9.99 per month. This tool offers a variety of services among which it allows you to make a video on the homepage of your mobile applications and websites. The flagship product of this company is notifiCRM which is claimed to be the first interactive video CRM. nFusz allows you to remove background videos and add "clickable" content on top of the video to share the advertisement on any social media platforms, TV or even on WordPress. All of these advertisements can be viewed on mobile or desktop. Live ads can be viewed on a Smart TV or web browser. 

2. Wideo

The pricing of Wideo starts at $19 per month which enables its users to have animated videos. By using their templates, icons, characters and background, you can come up with a nice video for your campaign. Moreover, there are video tutorials provided where you can learn how to use the more sophisticated features of this tool. 

3. Stop Motion Studio

This tool is $8.99 inclusive of all the features. Stop Motion Studio lets you create your own stop-motion movie and can be uploaded or shared on any social media platforms. You can insert contents where you feel fit using the grid mode. Videos can be edited frame-by-frame using the movie editor and titles or movies can be added using eight different themes provided by the application. 

4. Animoto

The cost of Animoto starts at $8 per month. This is a very popular video marketing tool where you can create good videos for your campaign in a small amount of time on an online editor. You can also create slideshow videos for your brand and are able to customize your video by choosing your own theme, collage, layout, font, and color.

5. Wistia

Wistia is free to use but it limits you to only three videos, however, their paid services start at $99 per month with an assort of additional features. The best thing about this tool is that it lets you put an embeddable player on your campaign or website which would not bother the user with promotional advertisements on a Youtube player. You can have access to video hosting, the video editor and marketing tutorials. With Wistia, users would not be able to plagiarise your content because you can choose where your videos get played by domain.
Here at Chamrun Digital, we will assist you in putting together great videos for your products and services using the best video marketing tools in the market.

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