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Tips On Building Successfully Automated Emails For A Seamless Marketing Experience


Email marketing is crucial in sending out updates on the latest sales, recent purchases or even reminders on non-purchased items that your customers have added to cart. Emails are important to serve as a reminder and a prompt to your customers to either initiate action or remind them. Of course, it does take time to personally notify your customers which is why we have email automation to simplify a tedious task. 


So what is email automation?

As its name clearly states, it means that your emails would be sent out automatically without you having to lift a finger once it has been set up and ready to go. With this, an email is usually sent out by a trigger action by your customers for example, when your customer adds an item to cart but leaves the site without purchasing or at a certain scheduled time for example, to remind your customers that there is a flash sale on the 23rd of October at 12pm. 

Here are some tips on building successfully automated emails!

First, create a plan on how you’d like your emails to flow. For example, after your customer hits that subscribe button and subscribes to your emails, send them a welcome email! Thank them for being part of the team. Structure your content in a way that makes them feel like it is personal even if it was automated.
Second, ALWAYS be relevant. It is important to be smooth in the transition of what your customer has done or seen to what you’re sending them in an email. It catches their attention and it hits the jackpot in terms of relevance when your customer is reminded of something they were looking at that happened to catch their eye. This way, they might even be interested in checking the item out again.
Third, it’s all about the content you put upfront. Question yourself on how your email could be useful to your customers, why should they read your email? Is it about a sale? The layout of your email on what titles captures their attention first, the font and the placement of information is very important.
Fourth, time your emails with consideration. Think of the most suitable time to send your customer an email. For example, if it’s a sale, you could give them a heads up a day early so that they have time to prepare or to look through your site on what they may be interested in. If you’re planning to send them a chain of emails, space them out so that your customers aren’t overwhelmed by the amount of information they’re receiving at one time. 
Lastly, quality over quantity. It isn’t wise to send out 3 emails in a day 6 times a week. Be careful with how you schedule your emails. Always remember that useful and important content will promote engagement rather than to get them annoyed with the amount of emails they are receiving on the daily.
Here at Chamrun Digital, we will assist you with email automation and ensure you and your customers a seamless marketing experience.

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