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We are specialized in Digital Marketing and providing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Analytics, Segmentation and Re-marketing, Custom Affinity Audiences and targeting, Email & Mobile Marketing, CRM and Social Media Marketing and advertising.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of websites or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more to promote a product or service. Its a powerful way for businesses to reach both prospects and customers. Social media marketing involves creating and sharing content such as text, images or even videos on social media platforms to increase audience engagement and achieve your marketing and branding goals.


How does social media marketing help your company?

Social media marketing can help you with a number of goals such as increasing website traffic. If your content is interesting, customers will keep up to date by checking for updates on your website from links through your social media. Definitely a great plus! What’s next? Building lead conversions. A lead is defined as someone who matches the criterion the salesperson has established and who has the need, reason and/or interest in pursuing the product. Social media marketing helps convert leads into a potential client. This is also a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and a positive brand association. Social media marketing also helps with improving communication and interaction with key audiences a.k.a your customers.
Here at Chamrun Digital, we will walk you through all of the above to ensure that your company has a successful social media strategy. The bigger and more engaged your audience is on social media networks, the easier it will be for you to achieve every other marketing goal for your company!

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14 March 2019
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