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Influencer Marketing

An influencer is an individual who has a following in a particular niche, that has the power to influence their followers towards a particular brand, product to service. The majority of these influencers fall into 4 distinct categories, celebrities, industry experts, bloggers and content creators, and lastly, micro influencers aka. Everyday people who have become known of their knowledge on a niche area. Nowadays, individuals as such come in handy as social relationship assets to brands that result in a collaboration to achieve their marketing objectives. It’s a win-win situation. Why? 


So how does it work?

Many of these collaborations benefit both sides. For one, the influencer (provided they love the brand and the products/services they are offer) gets samples or even full-sized items in return for their reviews on the products/services received. And for the company, they have unlocked a possible interest or awareness to the influencer’s following. In other words, the influencer’s following that ranges from hundreds to millions of people with a similar interest eg. Fashion, beauty or even food as the influencer, is now aware of a new product, service or brand that the influencer is incorporating into their style, routine or lifestyle. Plus with a good review, that leaves the followers wanting to try the new in-thing!

Here’s a bunch of effective strategies for influencer marketing!

First and foremost, identify the most relevant influencers. You wouldn’t want to hand a beauty guru a yoga mat to promote to their fellow aspiring make-up artists, do you? Of course not. There are digital tools out there to help companies analyse the social media landscape of influential profiles based on their demographic data.
Next comes forming a relationship with the influencers, a simple message on their social media sites or even an e-mail is sufficient to spark a possible relationship. Then, find your influencer’s preference. Deliver content and advertising material to the influencer in the most convenient way for them to incorporate into their social media or blogs.  With all of that, do keep in mind to abide by the FTC regulations as well. 
In conclusion, influencer marketing is a great way for you to branch out further in a more effective marketing strategy. With Chamrun Digital, we will assist you in this process and connect you to the best suited influencers for your company.

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